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Toy Story Action Figures




Size: 8cm approx.

Packaging: plastic bag



Toy Story Action Figures – Buzz Lightyear is a modern-day “space ranger” action figure, and wears a green and white space suit with various features such as retractable wings and transparent air helmet, a laser “weapon,” and various sound effects. In the films, he acts as Woody’s second-in-command. In Toy Story, he begins the series believing he is a real space ranger (the other toys are aware that they are toys) and develops a rivalry with Woody, who resents him for getting more attention as the newcomer. Toy Story Action Figures  During the film, he comes to realize that he is just a toy, and eventually becomes good friends with Woody. He is extremely loyal to his friends. In Toy Story 2, Buzz—with Mr. Potato Head, Hamm, Rex, and Slinky—goes to save Woody from Al, where he gets stuck in the Buzz Lightyear aisle in Al’s Toy Barn by another Buzz and finds out for himself what he was really like. In Toy Story 3, a relationship begins to develop between Buzz and Jessie. He is particularly open with his affection when switched to “Spanish mode.” Toy Story Action Figures

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Jessie is a cowgirl doll, and part of the Woody’s Roundup gang. Jessie is also Buzz Lightyear’s girlfriend. She first appeared in Toy Story 2 along with Bullseye (her horse) and Stinky Pete. Toy Story Action Figures  Initially, Jessie was hesitant to join Andy’s toys. After she becomes part of the family, she is very happy. In Toy Story 3, she argued with Woody on their way to Sunnyside Daycare because of when the others think Andy threw them out. Later in the film, Jessie feels close with Buzz, even when Buzz got switched into Spanish. At the end, Jessie and Buzz danced to the Spanish version of “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” Jessie makes a cameo appearance in Monsters, Inc. as one of the toys Boo gives Sulley. Jessie also appears in Pixar’s production of Toy Story of Terror! as the main character that saves the other toys from the toy stealer and seller at the rest stop. Toy Story Action Figures

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