Super Mario Gold Action Figure Nintendo Toys Statue

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Super Mario Gold Action Figure




Size: 12.5cm

Please note this is a toy figure not an amiibo.



Super Mario Gold Action Figure – Gold Mario and Silver Luigi are forms debuting in New Super Mario Bros. 2, acquired by grabbing a Gold Flower. In this form, Mario can shoot gold fireballs and Luigi can shoot silver fireballs, defeating any enemy or breaking any Brick Blocks that is within a certain distance or any that they touch, turning them into coins. In addition, the blast will also empty out any blocks that contain items. Super Mario Gold Action Figure

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Occasionally, like other power-up forms, Gold Mario appears as a separate character from regular Mario.

Gold Mario debuted as a power-up form in New Super Mario Bros. 2. In this form, the character becomes a glowing statue made of gold. In Luigi’s case, he becomes a glowing statue made of silver. In both cases, the form resembles Mario’s metal form since gold and silver are a type of metal. If Mario/Luigi reaches the Flagpole in this form, he receives a coin bonus. Super Mario Gold Action Figure The higher the pole is grabbed, the more coins he will receive. Gold Mario/Silver Luigi reverts into Fire Mario/Luigi upon clearing a stage, making it impossible to keep this power-up between levels. Gold Mario is able to defeat almost every enemy in the game, including Boos, Thwomps, and even Spiked Balls (though not the giant ones), rivaling the power of Hammer Mario. He can also defeat bosses, but they take three hits to be defeated (with the exception of Bowser and Dry Bowser, which they take only one hit to be defeated). The power-up, however, has no effect against the Boohemoth. Super Mario Gold Action Figure

Gold Mario and Silver Luigi can also gain coins by defeating consecutive enemies, either by stomping on them without touching the ground, hitting multiple enemies with a shell, or staying under the effect of an Invincibility Star. The values gained consecutively are 5, 10, 15, 20, and 50 coins. When the area is under the influence of a Gold Ring, these values double to 10, 20, 30, 40, and 100 coins. The same values apply if a single blast from the Gold Flower defeats multiple enemies at once. Super Mario Gold Action Figure

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