Star Wars Black Series Snowtrooper Stormtrooper Jedi Toys


Star Wars Black Series Snowtrooper


Size: 15cm

Material: PVC



Star Wars Black Series Snowtrooper – Snowtroopers were a variant of the stormtrooper used by the First Order approximately thirty years after the Battle of Endor. They wore insulated armor and helmets designed for cold weather. Snowtroopers saw action during the Battle of Starkiller Base and the Battle of Crait in 34 ABY. Star Wars Black Series Snowtrooper

The latest generation of cold weather assault stormtroopers, snowtroopers wore advanced insulated armor and helmets made from betaplast with flared neck shroud and a polarized slit visor to minimize ice glare, two breather tank inlets. They wore insulated gloves with adjustable heating units. Their body armor also had heating controls, and they wore an insulated belt kama. Star Wars Black Series Snowtrooper

Many of them were on Starkiller Base when it was attacked by the Resistance in 34 ABY.

Snowtroopers were also involved in the Battle of Crait shortly thereafter. Although Crait was only superficially a snowy planet due to the planet’s white salt flats obscuring red crystals on the ground, it nonetheless had similar enough properties to necessitate their deployment in the battle. Star Wars Black Series Snowtrooper

Stormtroopers, also referred to as First Order stormtroopers, were elite infantry units in the military forces of the First Order. Attached to the Stormtrooper Corps of the First Order Army, the new stormtrooper generation was composed of human conscripts who were trained from birth and identified by serial numbers instead of personal names. Star Wars Black Series Snowtrooper This form of training, combined with years of Imperial-inspired propaganda, worked to produce an army of super-soldiers who were personally loyal to the First Order and Supreme Leader Snoke. Like their predecessors, the original stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire, the First Order’s troopers were equipped with stark white body armor; its design reminiscent of the Imperial style as well as the version worn by clone troopers of the Galactic Republic. Additionally, the First Order provided its soldiers with the F-11D blaster rifle—the successor of the Imperial E-11 blaster rifle—and SE-44C blaster pistol as their standard weapons. Star Wars Black Series Snowtrooper

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