Pocoyo Stuffed Animals Cuddly Toys Pink Elephant Teddy


Pocoyo Stuffed Animals

Lot includes 4 plush toys.



Size: 14 – 30cm approx



Pocoyo Stuffed Animals – Pocoyo is the main character of the series. He is a four-year-old boy[7] who is full of curiosity and loves to play games and discover new things. He is very acrobatic and moves at a quick speed. He is always shown wearing blue clothes and a hat. His best friends are Pato, Elly, and Loula. He has a vehicle called the Vamoosh which he can use to travel under the water, in the air or through space. Although he is very friendly and sweet and almost always in a good mood, Pocoyo is also highly self-centered, distracted by the simplest things, easily frustrated, frequently jealous of his friends, and disobedient, but tries his hardest to fight his flaws and learn morals. Pocoyo Stuffed Animals He is voiced by Alex Marty in Season 1, Montana Smedley in Season 2, Isabella Foy in Seasons 3-4 (aka Let’s Go Pocoyo) and Gigi Hart in Season 4.


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The Narrator (del Rio, Fry or Hughes) speaks over the entire show, and often communicates directly with the characters. Pocoyo has a good relationship with him, and is always really delighted to see (hear) him. The narrator is also at times physically involved in the events of the episodes, making him more of an heard-but-not-seen character rather than a strict narrator. Pocoyo Stuffed Animals
Pato is a yellow duck who wears nothing but a small green hat. He has a fondness for gardening, and is often seen watering plants and flowerbeds. Pocoyo Stuffed Animals Pato means duck in Spanish, Portuguese, Filipino, Tok Pisin and Papiamento. He is a favourite amongst the young children due to his enjoyable dancing and the fact that his beak turns 360 degrees. Although friendly, Pato is the most fussy and impatient character (indicated by his beak that bends in an angle when disappointed or shocked); on occasion he completely loses his temper, jumping up and down and quacking furiously with his beak spinning rapidly. He is used as a jackhammer or missile and can become a helicopter. In the pilot episode in 2003, he was first called Ducky then changed the name to Pato. Pocoyo Stuffed Animals
Elly is a pink elephant who always wears a blue backpack. She loves making biscuits and tea, and has a doll that she loves very much. Pocoyo Stuffed Animals Despite her size, she is graceful and gentle, capable of ballet dancing. She is, however, very bossy and generally does things her way. She usually rides around on her pink scooter. Pocoyo Stuffed Animals

Loula is Pocoyo’s orange-yellow pet puppy and companion. She is also strictly a dog as she walks on all four of her legs. She sometimes hops as she is walking. Originally, the character’s name was Lucas, in tribute to creator and director Guillermo García Carsi’s dog, but due to a shortage of female characters, the character was renamed Loula. Pocoyo Stuffed Animals

Sleepy Bird is a teal-coloured bird. She does little but sleep, and usually flies with her eyes closed. She is named “Pajaroto” in the Spanish version (reportedly named after a Zinkia employee nicknamed “Maroto”, and bearing a strong resemblance to him)[citation needed] The character is also known as “Pajaro Dormilon” in the LATAM-Latin American Spanish version. For the episodes where Nina is present (excluding her debut appearance and the episodes where she’s absent), she was removed from the title sequence to make room for Nina. Pocoyo Stuffed Animals

The Children are a group of kids who, like The Narrator, speak over the show, answering questions asked by The Narrator in order to assist Pocoyo in solving a problem or to let Pocoyo in on what’s going on. Like the Narrator, the children’s consistent involvement in the plot make them a sort of character in the show.
Nina is a character who is introduced in the 4th Season episode of the same name. She has red hair, wears a lime green hoodie with two antennas, lime green shorts and lime green shoes, has the ability to change size and speaks in a Japanese-like language. Her name is Spanish for “girl”. She also has a robotic pet called Roberto (pronounced Roh-bear-toe). She replaces Loula’s bit in the title sequence (except in her debut appearance and the episodes where she’s absent). She is voiced by Noela Rodriguez. Pocoyo Stuffed Animals

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