Mr Meeseeks Plush Toy Rick and Morty Cuddly Toys Teddy





Size: 25cm


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Mr Meeseeks Plush Toy

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Meeseeks are creatures who are created to serve a singular purpose for which they will go to any length to fulfill. After they serve their purpose, they expire and vanish into the air. Their motivation to help others comes from the fact that existence is painful to a Meeseeks, and the only way to be removed from existence is to complete the task they were called to perform. Physical violence cannot eliminate them. Mr Meeseeks Plush Toy

They typically live for no more than a few hours, and thus two days is an eternity for Meeseeks. The longer the Meeseeks stay alive, the more sanity they begin to lose. Rick warns the Smith family to keep their tasks simple. Mr Meeseeks Plush Toy

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If a Meeseeks is not given a purpose at the beginning of its existence it seems to default to taking the purpose of the Meeseeks before it. This is seen when a Meeseeks created for Jerry created another Meeseeks then ordered it to kill another Meeseeks it was in argument with which the resultant Meeseeks attempted to avail. The Meeseeks then wildly began pressing the box without giving orders and all the resulting Meeseeks began trying in vain to kill the rest of the Meeseeks. Mr Meeseeks Plush Toy

Mr. Meeseeks is a tall, powder-blue humanoid figure with elongated, narrow limbs. He has a large, bulbous head, beady black eyes, and a giant mouth that stretches all the way across his face. He has a very high pitched and strident voice, sometimes intoning in screeches. Some versions of him have one or more small patches of orange hair on their head. Mr Meeseeks Plush Toy

Mr Meeseeks Plush Toy

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