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Metal Gear Solid Snake Figure


Size: 10cm approx.

Material: PVC



Metal Gear Solid Snake Figure – Solid Snake is a video game character and the primary protagonist of the Metal Gear series created by Hideo Kojima and developed and published by Konami. Depicted as a former Green Beret and a highly skilled special operations soldier engaged in solo stealth and espionage missions, he is often tasked with destroying models of the bipedal nuclear weapon-armed mecha known as Metal Gear. Controlled by the player, he must act alone, supported via radio by commanding officers and specialists. While his first appearances in the original Metal Gear games were references to Hollywood films, the Metal Gear Solid series has given a consistent design by artist Yoji Shinkawa alongside an established personality. Metal Gear Solid Snake Figure The character has been well received by critics.

During the Metal Gear Solid games, the character has been voiced by Akio Ōtsuka in the Japanese version and by actor and screenwriter David Hayter in the English version.

In the early games, Solid Snake’s visual appearances were references to popular actors. He was given his own consistent design in Metal Gear Solid. Such design shows him as a brown-haired adult wearing a dark “sneaking suit” and a bandana. Metal Gear Solid Snake Figure This appearance has remained mostly consistent throughout subsequent installments, with minor changes due to his advancing age. During Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, he disguises himself by wearing a Navy SEAL uniform. He has access to different disguises to make him look like other characters, as well as his younger self. He also establishes Philanthropy, an anti-Metal Gear organization carrying the motto “To let the world be”, with his best buddy Otacon. Metal Gear Solid Snake Figure

He possesses an IQ of 180, and is fluent in six languages. Solid Snake has been on the battlefield for most of his life;[2] a hardened veteran, he has his emotions buried very deep inside himself during his missions, every one of which has different motives. Metal Gear Solid Snake Figure He is also immediately shown as a loner,[4][5] often with no intentions of taking orders from anyone anymore and he shows no sign of longing for the army or the country he was part of.

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