Mario Odyssey Stuffed Animals Toys Plush Doll Cuddly Soft


Mario Odyssey Stuffed Animals


Height: 25cm approx.



Mario Odyssey Stuffed Animals – The plot is about Bowser kidnapping Princess Peach and attempting to marry her. He travels across the world and Mario chases after him in his flying hat airship named the Odyssey. Mario comes across Cappy, who possesses his hat to help him fight Bowser and save his sister Tiara, whom Bowser has also kidnapped. Mario Odyssey Stuffed Animals

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Bowser enlists the help of the Broodals to help plan his wedding and beat Mario. Most levels provide a part in preparation for Bowser’s wedding. For instance, the Wooded Kingdom is holding a greenhouse where Bowser is stealing flowers from to make the bouquet. The exceptions are the Cascade Kingdom, the Cloud Kingdom, the Lost Kingdom, the Metro Kingdom, the Ruined Kingdom, and the Darker Side. Mario Odyssey Stuffed Animals

Mario retains his moves from the previous 3D games, among them the Triple Jump, the Long Jump, the Roll, the Ground Pound, and the Dive, the latter of which hasn’t been in the series since Super Mario 64 DS. He also wears Cappy, which he can throw like a boomerang, and he can also jump off of it in mid-air as if it were a platform. Mario Odyssey Stuffed Animals

However, Cappy’s main feature is turning Mario into whatever Mario throws him on including enemies. Coins have changed wildly in this version. Regular coins are now used to buy costumes and items at Crazy Cap stores. Each Kingdom also has 50-100 of their own purple currency named Regional Coins.

Multiplayer Mode
A second player can join the game anytime. Player 2 controls Cappy, who can move freely without Mario’s control while spinning to hit anything he crosses. Cappy can jump with the X button, and look around with the Y button. Mario Odyssey Stuffed Animals

Mario can wear a variety of costumes with most purchasable in Crazy Cap stores. These are listed in the List of Costumes in Super Mario Odyssey.

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