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Lego Indiana Jones Minifigures



Lego Indiana Jones Minifigures – In 1912, thirteen-year-old Indiana “Indy” Jones is horseback riding with his Boy Scout troop at Arches National Park in Utah. While scouting caves, Indy discovers a group of grave robbers who have found a golden crucifix belonging to Coronado and steals it from them, hoping to donate it to a museum. The men give chase through a passing circus train, leaving Indy with a bloody cut across his chin from a bullwhip and a new phobia of snakes. Lego Indiana Jones Minifigures Indy escapes, but the local sheriff makes him return the cross to the robbers. Impressed with Indy’s bravery, the leader of the robbers gives Indy his fedora, and tells him that he may have lost this battle, but that he doesn’t have to like it.

In 1938, Indy recovers the cross off the coast of Portugal and donates it to Marcus Brody’s museum. Later, Indy is introduced to Walter Donovan, who informs him that his father, Henry Jones, Sr., has vanished while searching for the Holy Grail, using an incomplete inscription as his guide. Lego Indiana Jones Minifigures Indy receives Henry’s Grail diary via mail from Venice. Realizing that he would not have sent the diary unless he was in trouble, Indy and Marcus travel to Venice, where they meet Henry’s Austrian colleague Dr. Elsa Schneider. Beneath the library where Henry was last seen, Indy and Elsa discover the tomb of a First Crusadeknight, which contains a complete version of the inscription that Henry had used, revealing the location of the Grail. They flee when the catacombs are set aflame by the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword, a secret society that protects the Grail from evildoers. Lego Indiana Jones Minifigures Indy and Elsa capture one of the Brotherhood, Kazim, and Indy tells him that his goal is only to find his father and that he has no interest in finding the Grail. Kazim tells him that Henry is being held in Castle Brunwald on the Austrian-German border. Cappy Hat Plush

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    Loving my new monitor mascot.

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    Quick delivery and Indy looks great nice quality too.

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    OK nice item.

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