Kylo Ren Black Series Star Wars Action Figure Force Awakens


Kylo Ren Black Series


Size: 22cm approx.

Material: PVC



Kylo Ren Black Series – Kylo Ren first appears in The Force Awakens as a commander in the First Order, a sinister regime that has risen from the remains of the old Galactic Empire. After arriving at Jakku to retrieve a map containing the coordinates where Luke Skywalker is to be found, Ren kills an old vicar known as Lor San Tekka, and captures Resistance pilot Poe Dameron, who has also been sent to recover the map by General Leia Organa. Kylo Ren Black Series Ren soon learns that the pilot had entrusted his astromech droid, BB-8, with the map. Poe flees with the help of rogue stormtrooper Finn, who later finds BB-8, and the scavenger Rey. Finn, Rey, and BB-8 escape Jakku in the Millennium Falcon, and are soon intercepted by the ship’s former owner, Han Solo, and his co-pilot Chewbacca. Kylo Ren Black Series

It is revealed that Ren is the son of Han and Leia, and was once one of Luke’s Jedi pupils. He was drawn to the dark side of the Force by the First Order’s Supreme Leader Snoke. He then helped to destroy his uncle Luke’s new Jedi Academy. Kylo Ren Black Series However, Ren still feels the pull of the light side of the Force and seeks the strength to overcome this weakness from his grandfather Darth Vader, whose burnt helmet is in Ren’s possession. Arriving at Maz Kanata’s castle on Takodana, Ren captures Rey, who he senses has seen the map. While interrogating her with the Force, he realizes that she is strong with the Force herself, though unaware of it. Rey finds herself able to resist his powers and experience Ren’s emotions, and confronts him over his fear that he will never be as powerful as his grandfather. She later uses the “Jedi mind trick” to compel her stormtrooper guard to let her escape. Han arrives at the First Order’s battle station, Starkiller Base, as part of the Resistance’s plan to destroy it. Kylo Ren Black Series

After Han plants explosives to destroy the base, he confronts Ren—calling him by his real name, Ben—and implores him to abandon the dark side, warning him that Snoke will kill him once he accomplishes his goal to seize control of the galaxy. Despite being conflicted, Ren refuses and kills his father, enraging Chewbacca, Han’s copilot, who fires, injuring Ren. As Finn and Rey flee the damaged base, a badly injured Ren follows and confronts them. Finn fights Ren with Luke’s recovered lightsaber, but Ren overpowers and severely wounds him. Kylo Ren Black Series Rey then takes up the lightsaber and, using the Force, begins to overcome Ren, striking him on the face with the lightsaber and leaving with a scar on the right side of his face. Before the duel is finished, they are separated by a seismic fissure created by the collapsing base. Rey and the others escape as Snoke orders General Hux to evacuate the base and bring Ren to him to complete his training.

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