Kobayashi Dragon Maid Figure Kanna-Chan Anime Doll


Dragon Maid Anime Figure


Size: 17.5cm



Kobayashi Dragon Maid Figure – Kanna Kamui also known as Kanna Kobayashi, is one of the main characters in Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon and the main protagonist of Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon: Kanna no Nichijou. Kanna is a young female dragon, who is exiled from her world as consequence of her pranks. Kobayashi Dragon Maid Figure

Kanna has white-lavender hair and blue eyes. According to Riko Saikawa, she is very cute and appealing. Her style of clothing has been described as “gothic lolita with a tribal theme” (courtesy of Kobayashi). Her usual attire consists of a white capelet with a fur collar, a pink blouse, a white frilly skirt and pink doll shoes. She ties her hair into pigtails, each adorned with three dark blue beads. Kobayashi Dragon Maid Figure

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In her dragon form, she appears as a feathered white dragon with blue eyes.

Like Tohru, she wears her horns and tail out whenever she’s indoors.Kanna is soft-spoken and quiet and demonstrates most of her emotions through minute expressions. Kobayashi Dragon Maid Figure Despite being technically older than her human peers, Kanna behaves no differently from a human child as she easily tires of routine and enjoys playing games. Kobayashi Dragon Maid Figure However, despite her generally unexpressed and implicit demeanor, Kanna is not without emotion, indicated when she has a sudden outburst and cries when Riko Saikawa initially views Kanna as a rival instead of being friends. Kobayashi Dragon Maid Figure

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