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Honoka Kousaka Figure




Size: 14cm approx.



Honoka Kousaka Figure Love Live – Honoka Kosaka is the primary protagonist of Love Live!. She is a second-year in Otonokizaka High School. Her image color is orange, though some people represent her with pink. She is also the leader of Printemps, a sub-unit under µ’s. Her solo album is called Honnori Honokairo! (ほんのり穂乃果色! lit. Faint Honoka Color!). Honoka Kousaka Figure Love Live

Honoka’s family owns a Japanese sweets shop named Homura. She lives at the back of the shop with her mother, father, and her younger sister. Honoka Kousaka Figure Love Live

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Since she was young, she has been friends with Kotori Minami, and she befriended Umi Sonoda after inviting her to a game of hide-and-seek. She is also friends with Fumiko, Hideko and Mika at school. Her grandmother and her mother are both graduates from Otonokizaka. Honoka Kousaka Figure Love Live Super Mario Toys

Honoka is an optimist who is never afraid to take risks. She is always in a good mood and likes to look at the bright side of things. She is determined and once her mind is set on something, nothing can stop her. This is believed to be the driving force behind μ’s formation and success. But because of her persistent personality, she often overexerts herself. Honoka Kousaka Figure Love Live

Her personality is similar to Rin Hoshizora’s because they are both determined and hard-working. For example, in Season 1 Episode 7, Honoka, Rin and Nico Yazawa had to work hard to pass exams in order to enter Love Live!, and are known as the ‘Three Idiots’. Honoka Kousaka Figure Love Live

She likes to eat bread, but she does not enjoy eating red bean paste or white bean paste despite working at her family’s Japanese sweets shop.

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