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Since the 1990s, Pokemon has become a worldwide phenomenon. From cartoons to video games, the idea of catching all the little monsters has been an obsession for many. As time went on, they added new Pokemon and additional layers to the mythology. With so much new stuff, it’s hard to keep up. Ready to sharpen your Pokemon knowledge? Here are 25 facts about Pokemon you probably didn’t know.

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1/ Pikachu’s name is Japanese onomatopoeia for sparkle and squeaking.

Everyone loves the electrified yellow mouse named Pikachu. But where did his name come from? Apparently, it’s a play on words in Japanese between “Pikapika” which means sparkle, and “Chūchū” which means squeaking.

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2/ Drowzee is based off of a tapir.

Drowzee, the sleepy-time, dream eater Pokemon is based on the tapir. In ancient South American folklore, the tapir would eat dreams as people slept. pokemon toys

3/ Psychic type Pokemon are weak to bug, ghost, and dark type because they’re common fears.

Of course, every Pokemon has a strength and weakness against other types of Pokemon. But many have wondered, why are Psychic types weak against bug, ghost, and dark types? Well, because being afraid of bugs, ghosts, and the dark are all very common phobias.

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4/ Rock types could still beat a Pokemon with all 18 types.

A Pokemon can only be two different types like a grass type and a plant type. However, one Redditor wondered what a Pokemon might be like if it had all 18 types and discovered it would still be weak against rock type Pokemon. pokemon toys

5/ Xatu sees both past and future at the same time.

In its PokeDex description, Xatu stays still and quiet because it can see both past and future at the same time. Which means Xatu can see all the horrific things that are going to happen and can do nothing to stop it.

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6/ Slowbro is the only Pokemon that can devolve.

Slowbro is the evolution of Slowpoke with Shellder on his tail but if Slowpro somehow loses Shellder, he’ll devolve back to Slowpoke. Of all the Pokemon, he’s the only one that devolves. pokemon toys

7/ Arcanine was intended to be a legendary Pokemon.

Originally, the developers planned to have Arcanine be a legendary Pokemon. They showed their hand a little bit in the Pokemon cartoon episode “Pokemon Emergency!”. However, in the game, Arcanine was never a legendary Pokemon, making many believe the developers backed away from this idea. zelda switch case

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8/ The move Splash is a mistranslation for Hop.

The Japanese word for “Splash” can also mean “Hop” which is why there are Pokemon types like Spoink that have no association with water but can still use the move Splash.

9/ Pikachu and Meowth are exact opposites.

Pikachu and Meowth are exact opposites in almost every way. Pikachu looks like a mouse while Meowth looks like a cat. They’re both mortal enemies in the Pokemon cartoon. Also, Pikachu is #25 in the Pokedex while Meowth is #52. pokemon toys

10/ Clefairy was almost the face of Pokemon.

Originally in the comic book, Clefairy was the face of Pokemon. But, when it was being adapted from the video game to a cartoon, the producers decided they wanted Pikachu to be the face of Pokemon, thinking it would be more relatable to young viewers.

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