Since it’s debut on Adult Swim back in 2013, Rick and Morty has catapulted itself into mainstream popularity thanks the hilarious hijinks of it’s title characters. Even if you’re not a big fan of science fiction, it’s hard to deny Rick and Morty is still one of the funniest animated shows on television. Between it’s dark sense of humor, bizarre plot twists, and lovable main characters, the show has managed to become one of the most unique cartoons in television history. There are so many things that go into making such a bizarre masterpiece, so naturally there are tons of facts most casual viewers would be surprised to know. We decided to delve into the illustrious history of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon’s hit animated series, and found some pretty neat things that played a factor into the creation of the show. So without further ado, here are 15 interesting facts about Rick and Morty that will probably make you like the show even more.

1 The Writers Are Planning a Very Dark Episode

There’s no doubt that Rick and Morty is one of the darker cartoon shows in recent memory. While the show normally manages to find the perfect balance of dark and lighthearted humor, apparently show-runners plan on doing things a little different for at least one episode. One of the show’s writers has hinted that they plan to do a story-driven episode that’s much different than anything we’ve seen so far. Apparently, there won’t even be a single joke in the episode– not even a classic Rick one-liner. It’s interesting to see how this episode plays out, as it’s far from normal for a comedic series to feature an episode without a single joke in it. Then again, Rick and Morty is far from a normal comedic series. And we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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2 Most of The Aliens Are Based Off Of Gross Things

Most of the aliens in Rick and Morty are some of the grossest creatures imaginable, so it should come as virtually no shock that most of the beings were based on either genitalia and feces. For example, Zigerions are supposed to be testicles and Blin Blam is based on a, you guessed it– penis. However, the episode that most prominently featured genitalia and human excrements was the episode ‘The Ricks must be crazy”. In that episode, several seriously disgusting races were introduced. The race that evolved in Rick’s Microverse battery were based on penises, while the race in Zeep’s miniverse was inspired by sperm. To top it all off, the race that evolved in the sperm scientist’s Tineeverse was inspired by none other than human fecal matter. What a time to be alive.

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3 Justin Roiland Wrote the Song “Get Schwifty” When He Was a Kid

With a mind as creative as Roiland’s it should come as no shock that some of the concepts from the show were actually developed years ago. The most noteworthy being the song Get Schwifty, which was featured in the second season episode of the same name. Roiland, who has always been heavily into music, wrote and recorded the song with some friends when he was just a kid. According to Roiland, apparently the song get many rave reviews from his buddies. “When I let some friends listen to the song the response was ‘It’s pretty good, but it’s not anything special.” Roiland said. “So, now I’ve put the song in the context where it saves the world. Suck it, Carl!”

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4 The Simulation Episode Was Based on a Bad Drug Trip

Sometimes watching an episode of Rick and Morty feels like a trip on acid (not that I would know anything about that stuff). Apparently, that sentiment isn’t too far from the truth, at least for one episode of the show. According to Justin Roiland, the season one episode ‘M.Night Shaym-Aliens’ was based on a bad trip one of his ‘friends’ experienced. Apparently the man experienced intense hallucinations and developed a strange paranoia that he was going to be abducted by “invaders”. Apparently he laid down naked in the street, with the assumption that being nude would make him invisible to the apparent aliens. Sound familiar? That’s probably because it is essentially the exact same reason Rick and Morty decided to strip off their clothes in that particular episode. It’s fair to wonder exactly how much of this show was based on bad drug trips, but I have a pretty good feeling it’s a pretty high percentage.

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5 Some Character Designs Were Originally Just Doodles

The aesthtic of Rick and Morty isn’t always, err, the most pleasing to the naked eye, but it’s tough to say the animation isn’t pretty darn creative. It’s actually pretty insane to think that some of the shows’ characters come from the mind of an actual human being, but Justin Roiland is a pretty weird dude. What is even crazier, is that most of the drawings of gross aliens and strange humanoid creatures started out as just random doodles from the mind of Roiland. He would send some of his doodles to the show’s animators for s**ts and giggles, but apparently most of the time they’d like his conceptions so much, they would actually bring the doodles to life on the show. The more I think about it, the more I start to believe Roiland is a certified genius.

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